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Why History works.

I worked for thirteen years for a company that dominated its field. It wasn’t a huge company but in the thirteen years it grew and became, for the industry, a behemoth a true monster. Since leaving that business I have … Continue reading

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Is this really shocking? Is it news? If you are passionate about education or development this is an article that might shock you if you have not come across the phenomenon before. The Guardian has posted an article claiming that some secondary schools are manipulating various … Continue reading

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The Great News Commentary Challenge

A good friend at university has a challenging outlook on life, challenging because it is often at odds with my own experiences. But this provides us with a great basis to use discussion to explore our historical studies and hopefully, … Continue reading

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A Missed Opportunity?

I was quite hesitant about posting this, especially on a day like today; but as I have mentioned before I tend to be fairly emotionally inert and I am not often afraid to stand up when I think its important. … Continue reading

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Why History isn’t Scientific

Part of last year’s orientation on History and Historiography was a discussion of whether History was scientific. Opinions were inconclusive but it was agreed that it wasn’t an Art! Today I came across this definition of a Scientific Theory, and … Continue reading

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