Running Naked through the Nettles

I got the idea of writing a blog from a very good friend. Two of his goals really struck home with me; a chance to improve writing skills; and the opportunity to express myself at times when you just don’t have the chance to grab a friend, a hot drink (maybe a pie) and just discuss for a couple of hours. This friend was one of those people who, in one of my old jobs, always had time for such chats and was remarkably good and navigating my often twisted and chaotic thoughts.

I have named myself as a fustrated historian, not because of any professional capacity (unfortunately), but because I love history, I am studying history at University and I find there is so much about the world which really is utterly fustrating. Some of the things that have contained elements of fustration just recently are: BP and the oil spill; being a school governor; why we need history; how difficult it can be to get a job AND be a child caring father; Bloody Sunday; the new UK coalition government; british media; the lack of democracy in the UK; being a father.

That last one is something that will fustrate me until I die, but is the only issue above I will never walk away from no matter how hard the journey might become.

This will be an interesting path for me. Incoherent rambling reflections on personal current affairs no doubt punctuated with cries of anguish or joy at the latest historical nugget I have read about. Its just a chance to express some things, shoot the breeze, get off my chest the odd controversial point of view and to get my head working in straight lines all while practising and expanding my command of the English language.

I like pie. Thank you.

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